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The Notebook Essay

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Movie Review of The Notebook Essay Sample

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Literary Criticism and Significance

We must not let somebody do it for us. After all, it is our own love story that matters in the end. Love gains many definitions as time passed by. Sometimes we find it hard to define and even disagree to the definition stated in the dictionary.

It is simply because we tend to associate our own experience and perception to the word that sometimes we forgot to see the reality. Love is an intense affectionate concern for another person as describe by the Universal Dictionary. Whatever definitions we may give to this word what counts in the end is our feelings and own impression on it.

The novel and movie brought the impression that love can stands over time and under unpleasant events when it is true. Likewise, the song strengthens the belief that love is a feeling that should be shown and not to be kept and left unexpressed. This can easily capture the heart of the readers and the listeners. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, knows how to feel love. Love can make us feel all the emotions and feelings. Some are even hard to describe and explain. No wonder love is present in almost all types of literature because it can make the opus full of emotions and life.

That is why it is instilled in our mind that once we enter into a relationship it will last forever and if time comes that it is time to say goodbye, we tend to be in denial. The way to achieve everlasting love has been taught in many different ways, yet there has been no permanent way or real solution on how to keep it. Many artworks and literature tried to show the various habits on expressing love. The story of Cupid and Psyche is one of the most popular story is Mythology that shows what true love is.

Brief description of the novel or the movie and the song A heart-warming, poignant, and romantic love story that truly catches the hearts and attention of the people is what The Notebook is. A novel and at the same time a movie by Nicholas Sparks that earns hundreds of dollars from bookstores down to movie cinemas. The song by Amy Adams became an instant hit after it was used as a soundtrack for the movie Enchanted.

The beat of the song is so heart warming and can surely reach the inner most parts of your heart and soul. Noah Calhoun, a poor young man from North Carolina, fell in love with Allie Nelson, who is a rich and attractive. He asked for a date however, Allie declined because she did not know Noah yet. Noah who did not want to end the night without her yes, he threatened her that he will let himself fall from the ferris wheel.

Allie having no choice said yes. She was amazed how this lad wooed her. That was the start of their summer love romance. Allie went to New York where she studied while Noah entered as an army. Noah wrote Allie every day from the time Allie left but the latter never saw even a glimpsed of these letters. Noah thought that Allie no longer loves him because she did not reply to him. Allie thought the same thing also since she received no letter from him.

After many years, these two hearts never had a closure to each other. Allie is now engaged to a young soldier named Lon. While she was busy preparing for her upcoming wedding, her eyes caught the picture of a man who was praised because of his achievements.

That man was no other than but Noah. She then decided to see him. Their first encounter was a shaky one.

They were able to talk about their relationship. Allie admitted that she is engaged and could no longer be attached to him again. However, her heart yearns to be with him. She told her own story to Allie to help her on decide. Allie was turned between her words to Lon and her love to Noah. In the end, Allie realized that Noah is her life and he would complete her life. She went back to him and they had a wonderful life. Aspects of Romantic Love as shown in the song and its dance. Search for love The song has its own way of expressing how obscure love can be.

Sometimes we did not know it is love and we only realized it when it is gone. That is the sad irony of love. We are all looking forward of falling in love. Just like in the song, Giselle was sent to the real world to look for true love that can bring her back to life for she is bound to die. The kiss of her true prince will save her from her fate. She thought that her prince is the person who saved her in her house however; she discovered that it was not him after all.

Indeed, love comes in mysterious ways and unexpectedly. Giselle never suspects that the person who sheltered her for a while is her true love. Moreover, she cannot deny the feeling of jealousy when she saw him dancing with his fiancee. A simple note of love can make us go crazy. Flowers and songs can melt our hearts out. A lover will always find a way to express his love to his beloved. It is true right? We believe that love should always be shown. It should not be kept unsaid. We all want to feel and know that we are love.

Moreover, if we cannot feel the love that we long for we tend to be sorry and bitter in life. Nevertheless, ones we are showered with love nothing can compare the happiness that we felt and it seems everything is perfect. Love can change a person. We have a tendency to do the things that we think is right when we are in love notwithstanding the big No of our parents. We become in control of everything because we believe that is the best way of showing our love. Aspects of Romantic Love as shown in the movie A.

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The notebook essays The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, is a touching story about the never ending passion of true love. This book tells the story of Noah and Allie, a young couple from the South. This young couple shares one enchanted summer together, which could not last, because of social differe.

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Essay on On Keepin a Notebook Words | 4 Pages Analysis on "On Keeping a Notebook" Joan Didion's tone in her essay "On Keeping a Notebook," is .

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Through this analytic essay we will be able to understand and see what an everlasting love is, how will you know it and how one can show it with the aid of two outstanding artworks, the novel and movie The Notebook and the song entitled That’s How You Know. Literary Analysis of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Essay example Words | 3 Pages Literary Analysis of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks This book is a great book and it touches ones heart in ways you couldn't imagine.

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The Notebook Essays: Over , The Notebook Essays, The Notebook Term Papers, The Notebook Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The Notebook begins at a nursing home where an elderly man called “Duke” reads a love story that is written in a notebook to an elderly woman who is also a patient.