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Effects of Exercise

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Your Brain Health Is Directly Related to Exercise

How Does the Respiratory System Respond to Exercise?
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What Happens in Your Body When You Exercise?

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Circulatory System

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Quick Answer. According to TeachPE, the three main long-term effects of exercise are a more efficient circulatory system, a healthier respiratory system, and an increase in muscle mass. The combination of these three benefits of exercise can help lower blood pressure, improve breathing, and increase energy, among other positive long-term effects.

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The Effects of Exercise on the Body Systems. by MARTIN HUGHES Aug. 14, The body’s systems adapt to exercise, with immediate and long-term changes affecting your muscles, bones, hormones, and immune system. The effects of exercise on respiration are seen almost immediately.

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Transcript of The Long Term Effects of Exercise on the Body Systems Increased Tolerance to Lactic Acid There is an increased tolerance to lactic acid as a response to chronic exercise. Longer-term effects occur as the body adapts to regular exercise, including your heart getting larger, bones becoming denser and the vital capacity of your breath deepening. Effects of training.

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Long Term Effects of Exercise on the Cardiovascular System A fairly well conditioned athlete can see long term cardiovascular effects from exercising in as little as two weeks. People who are just beginning to exercise will see effects in up to four weeks. Short Term Effects of Exercise on the Body Systems. by Joe Miller. Related Articles. Why Does Exercise Make Your Heart Rate Go Up? The Lactic Acid Remaining After Exercise; The Effect of Exercise on Homeostasis; What Happens to Your Breathing, Heart Rate & Circulation During Aerobic Activity? Your nervous system -- specifically the.