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❶That's exactly the premise of this book.

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Use The Indian in the Cupboard summary by chapters to give you an overview of the book. Then you'll be able to help with a book report, project or check comprehension. As a parent, you want to be able to help your child with projects and homework. But finding the time to understand the information you need to help them is difficult. The Indian in the Cupboard is a book that can be equally enjoyed by adults and children, but you may not have the time to read it completely.

This Indian in the Cupboard summary by chapters will help you understand the main points of the book so that you can assist your child with a project, book report or to check for reading comprehension. But his best friend Patrick disappoints Omri by giving him a secondhand plastic Indian. The two boys had often played with their assortment of plastic action figures but now were growing tired of them. Mother finds a key to fit it and Omri plans to hide his treasures inside.

He locks the toy Indian inside right before he drifts off to sleep. In the morning he discovers that the Indian has come to life! When Omri tries to pick him up he stabs him with his miniature knife! Omri quickly decides not to tell anyone about this, just in case he was dreaming. The Indian is left in the cupboard.

An argument with his brothers at breakfast makes Omri forget about the Indian until he sees Patrick at school and Omri is tempted to tell him what happened with the plastic Indian.

Silently Omri worries that the Indian may have died while spending the day in the locked cupboard with no food or water. After school, Omri races home and discovers that the Indian is plastic again but in a different position than before. He holds the Indian for a while and returns him to the cabinet while he has supper. As he crawls into bed, he hears scratching in the cupboard, opens it and discovers the Indian is alive again!

And the Indian is feisty! He makes demands for food, fire and a blanket. Omri struggles to find the appropriate food and utensils to adapt to a miniature Indian. Their conversation is comical. Omri and Little Bear learn more about each other. He tells Omri that he fought with the English against the French. Iroquois Indians and English helped each other.

England joined the Iroquois against the Algonquin Indians. Little Bear describes the French soldiers that he scalped. Omri again decides not to tell any adults about this because they might turn Little Bear into a science experiment. Although Little Bear says that Iroquois Indians walk, Omri puts a plastic horse into the cupboard, turns the key and the horse becomes real. Omri puts the Indian and the horse in a box and takes them outside.

Omri, Little Bear and the horse are careful outside but get some exercise. Then Omri needs to get ready for school.

On the return trip to his room, the horse kicks Little Bear and injures his leg. Omri has no medical supplies small enough to help Little Bear. Searching in his collection of plastic action figures, Omri finds a World War I army medical orderly. He puts him in the cupboard and the figure becomes real. Tommy, the army orderly, helps Little Bear after Omri convinces him that he is just having a dream.

Afterward, Omri decides that things were getting too complicated and he turns Tommy back to a plastic figure. Then Omri gathers supplies outside so that Little Bear can build a longhouse.

At school, Omri checks out a book about Iroquois Indians. At lunchtime, he sneaks away from school to a store to buy a plastic Indian figure of a chief. The chief has a bow and arrow for Little Bear. When Omri turns the plastic chief into a real Indian the shock kills the old man. Father discovers that Omri has taken things from the green house which Omri used for the Indian and Omri must rush to the store to replace the items.

At the store, Omri runs into Patrick. All along Omri had been dropping hints about having a real Indian but he would not allow Patrick to see him. Now Patrick gives him a toy cowboy and teases Omri that now he can play with real cowboys and Indians. Omri finally agrees to let Patrick come home with him.

When they get to his room, Omri discovers that his brothers are in his room. When looking for their pet rat, they discover the intricate miniature longhouse that they assume Omri built. After getting rid of the brothers, Patrick and Omri find Little Bear and the horse hiding under the bed. Patrick is excited that the plastic figures are real and impulsively wants to change more figures into real ones.

It takes some time for Patrick to realize that these are real humans and not just wind-up toys. This is a good site to bookmark and keep on hand. The Quotations Page — Sometimes, nothing compliments a paper or presentation more perfectly than just the right quote. Search this database to find thousands and thousands of quotes by people of renown throughout history.

At some point in your experience as a student, you will likely be asked to write an English research paper. You can find free summaries and analyses of many novels used in English classes. Remember, though, that these notes are not a substitute for reading the actual text — but they can help simplify complicated concepts and help you figure out what questions you should be thinking about as you read a particular book.

Just paste your paper into the box and it will be checked for instances of plagiarism as well as for grammatical correctness. Homework Help from Discovery Education — This page offers all kinds of lessons and tutorials to help students from Kindergarten through 12th grade with English concepts like composition, structure, and grammar.

Bookmark this site for quick access to formatting guides, grammar and punctuation rules, style guides, and lots more. Literary Criticism — Find critical essays and scholarly articles on classic literary texts from all periods and around the world. If you are looking for help with more than just the project at hand, and feel that some remedial learning is in order you may want to look into getting a tutor.

Each tutor is different, so be sure to research any tutor or tutoring institution to make sure you agree with their teaching philosophies. Sylvan Learning Center — If some one-on-one tutoring is in order, you might want to look into Sylvan. Many parents report that their students have had great success improving after working with the program…you can find centers near you, find out about programs and fees, on the main site.

TutorVista English Help — TutorVista offers an online tutoring service, and boasts many happy customers. Parents pay a fee lower than most in-person tutor fees to give their child access to a live online tutor.

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