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A Memorable Experience Essay

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A memorable experience is not only talking about huge things like travelling the world, scuba-diving with a shark or going to Egypt to see the pyramids. It can also be the small events like the first time you rode your bike or the first time you read, usually we will not remember all these small incidences as they are very common, but to me, small experiences do matter.

Sometimes a memorable experience can be the eye-opening moment in your life where you can learn more about yourself. This is because usually people do not even know what they are capable of until they have done it. To me, the most memorable experiences that I have are with my family and friends.

Being happy is the first on my list before doing anything else. I wish the whole point of having memorable experiences are about happiness. I guess I am just lucky to have them. This was my first time in the mountains, so I was turning my head in all directions. Unfortunately, the weather was foggy most the time, and the higher we got into the mountains, the worse the visibility was. Even despite this fact, I still enjoyed the hike—I felt like I was Bear Grylls , whose show I used to watch with excitement: On the first day, we were making our way along the foothills; but the next day, we started to climb on one of the peaks.

Though it was not that steep and high, I was still excited. I regularly hastened, and because of that, I ran out of energy long before we got to the top; David, on the other hand was more well-paced.

When we finally got to the top, nothing had changed. The same fog was covering the surroundings, and even though I was teeming with positive emotions, I felt disappointed, because I counted on seeing the view from above and perhaps being able to take some photos. We spent a couple of hours on the top, and decided to turn back, when the wind suddenly dispersed the clouds, and the plateau we were standing on became illuminated with the sun. Seeing all those mountain ridges, cliffs, and edges on my own, not on TV, was like a revelation for me.

The strong wind blew right into my face, and I stood there and watched shreds of fog gliding over the ground far beneath me. The next day we returned—my legs started to hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. But every time as my face wrinkled because of an ache, I remembered the feeling of being high above, with my head touching the skies and the clouds swimming below. Word usually spread about where she was travelling and her followers would come to each airport to go to greet her into a new country or city.

Commonly, people would enjoy giving her flowers as she entered the airport, and she would talk to her disciples in the process. In light of this, I was carrying a flower as well. As soon as it was announced that she was coming through the entry gate, my nervousness shot up.

People began to get closer to the gate in an almost half circle. As Shri Mataji passed through the gate, people walked towards her in an unrushed way, and gave her flowers, one by one.

Sometimes, she would stall at one person and ask about his or her family or a meditation program he or she was conducting. When it came to my turn to give a flower, I did not know what to do.

My mother looked at me with kind eyes and prompted me to offer her a flower at her feet, as was the custom in Indian society to a guru or a person of significant stature.

I do not remember what Shri Mataji told me and how she looked at me, but what has stayed strong in my memory is how I was smiling. I was smiling in such a way that I have never done. I felt so much joy and satisfaction that it is practically indescribable. I was smiling so much that I even tried to stop smiling. For some reason, I could not stop my face from making an expression of happiness. It was like I had lost control over my facial movements, or that I could not edge my way out of how I was feeling.

There seemed to be no stopping my joy. The rest is a blur, but I do remember going to the house where Shri Mataji was staying. Even after the ecstatic experience at the airport, I was still too shy to be in her presence.

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To me, the most memorable experience that I have was the time I spent with my father during my childhood. I have two elder brothers, one elder sister and one younger sister. My younger sister is only 2 years old younger than me and apparently, we spent most of .

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A Memorable Experience essaysIt was like any other Friday at my house that night. I ate my dinner in a rush, ran into the living room afterward to watch television, and quickly fell asleep. My mom was always sure to wake me up around or and send me up to my room for the night.

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Sometimes a memorable experience can be the eye-opening moment in your life where you can learn more about yourself. This is because usually people do not even know what they are capable of . Most Memorable Experience It was a.m. when I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock. Although camp was always a fun experience, it was also a lot of hard work. If you think about it, it's really hard to go through all your experiences and pick out the one that is most memorable to you.3/5(6).