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Short biography of Sonia Gandhi – The most powerful women of India

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❶The wedding was a simple ceremony in the garden of 1, Safdarjang Road. From husband Rajiv's death to son Rahul's elevation".

In , by becoming the president of India's century-old Congress party, Sonia weaved a dramatic way to a place in history. She is the third woman of foreign origin to hold the prestigious post after Annie Beasant and Nelli Sengupta. She is also the eighth person of the foreign origin to be the Congress president. She is also the dual chief of Indian National Congress and its Parliamentary party, and has emulated her husband, mother-in-law and grandfather-in-law Rajiv, Indira and Nehru who all held the two posts during their career.

Initially seen as a reluctant and almost reclusive politician, Sonia Gandhi was elected to Parliament for the first time in The name 'Gandhi' is still revered in India and Congress looked to Sonia to translate that feeling into votes.

Her political opponents attempted to rake up her Italian descent as an election issue saying the choice for voters was between an Indian or foreign leader. But their appeal to xenophobia apparently fell on deaf ears. After an excruciating spell of suspense, Sonia, who long remained something of an enigma to many, campaigned for the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections. Observers credit her with preventing a doom for the party, which was not expected to cross even the double digit mark.

Her party managed a tally of seats, largely due to her charismatic presence during the campaign. Travelling the length and breadth of the country in a hurricane election tour, Sonia caught the imagination of the masses, by her emotional speeches in Hindi prepared in advance.

Observers commented that Sonia successfully adopted her mother-in-law's mannerism and style in warming her way to large crowds which had turned up at her election rallies. Thus, she was able to achieve an unexpected election success. Before the surprise results, her future in Indian politics had looked somewhat uncertain. The election results provided her with a unique opportunity to become India's Prime Minister.

But, she sacrificed the post in favour of Dr. However, in the process, she became the torchbearer of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty which has ruled India for 44 of the years since becoming an independent nation in Sonia's reluctance to enter politics is history as she is not only in the thick of politics, but her children, Rahul and Priyanka, too are in great demand in the Congress circle. The entry of her son Rahul Gandhi as a candidate in the elections boosted her campaign and she was able to better her success and bring back Congress to power and Dr.

Manmohan Singh for the second term. Besides being an epitome of sacrifice, Sonia set a precedent in by asking a court to grant clemency to a woman who had played a part in the bomb attack which killed her husband. The bomber, Nalini, had appealed for mercy on the grounds that her seven-year-old daughter would be orphaned if she was hanged.

The court later commuted Nalini's death sentence. In August , Sonia became a grandmother when her daughter Priyanka gave birth to a son. Sonia is a familiar figure in Amethi, her husband's parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh which her son Rahul now represents. She herself represents the neighboring seat of Rai Bareilly. She had also stepped down as the MP from Rae Bareilly but was re-elected. During the first term of UPA Government, she headed the government-funded council which was set up to advice the coalition government on policy matters.

Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. In the election, she was re-elected by a ,vote margin over nearest rival, in the Rae Bareli.

On 16 May, she was unanimously chosen to lead a party coalition government with the support of the left, which was subsequently named the United Progressive Alliance UPA. The defeated NDA protested once again her 'foreign origin' and senior NDA leader Sushma Swaraj threatened to shave her head and "sleep on the ground", among other things, should Sonia become prime minister.

They pointed, in particular, to Section 5 of the Indian Citizenship Act of , which they claimed implied 'reciprocity'. This was contested by others [34] and eventually the suits were dismissed by the Supreme Court of India.

A few days after the election, Gandhi recommended Manmohan Singh as her choice as prime minister, that the party leaders accepted. Her supporters compared it to the old Indian tradition of renunciation , [47] while her opponents attacked it as a political stunt. On 23 March , Gandhi announced her resignation from the Lok Sabha and also as chairperson of the National Advisory Council under the office-of-profit controversy and the speculation that the government was planning to bring an ordinance to exempt the post of chairperson of National Advisory Council from the purview of office of profit.

She addressed the United Nations on 2 October , Mahatma Gandhi 's birth anniversary which is observed as the international day of non-violence after a UN resolution passed on 15 July In , Gandhi became the first person to serve as Congress President for 15 years consecutively.

In the general election , she held her seat in Rae Bareli. When Rahul Gandhi was expected to take over as Congress president, Communist Party of India Marxist leader Sitaram Yechury picked Sonia over Rahul, calling her the "glue that binds the opposition" [64] during an interview November Rahul took over as the 49th Congress president on 16 December, Gandhi returned to active politics for Indian National Congress' campaign for the Karnataka Legislative Assembly election, Having stayed away from campaigning for elections since , Gandhi addressed a rally at Bijapur , which comprised five legislation assembly constituencies; while Congress emerged as the second largest party in the election with 78 seats behind the BJP, the former won four or the five assembly seats from Bijapur.

Sonia is the widow of Rajiv Gandhi , elder son of Indira Gandhi. Sonia has two children, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Speaking on 18 July , about her son taking a larger role in the party, she said that it is for Rahul to decide.

Sonia Gandhi was listed as one of the fifty best-dressed over 50s by the Guardian in March This is an almost six-fold increase since her declaration in the last election. Gandhi was seen as the most powerful politician of India from - , [76] and variously listed among the most powerful people and women listings by magazines. In , Sonia Gandhi was ranked 21st among world's most powerful and 9th most powerful woman by Forbes Magazine. In , she had been named the third most powerful woman in the world by the same magazine [79] and was ranked 6th in exclusive list in In , Gandhi ranked as the ninth most powerful person on the planet by Forbes magazine.

Sonia was also named among the Time most influential people in the world for the years [87] and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi became the president of Indian National Congress in Sonia Gandhi was born in Italy. Important Points About Sonia Gandhi.

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Free sonia gandhi papers, essays, and research papers. Sonia Gandhi is a good example of transformational leadership. As she got the extraordinary ability to influence that had encourage the congress party and its followers to achieve something well above what was expected by themselves.