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Anne Hutchinson


❶This theory contends that the reason Anne Hutchinson was such a threat was that she was uniting an increasing number of women to learn more about themselves and make religion meaningful in their lives.

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Anne Hutchinson and the Puritan Ideal of Womanhood
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Despite her environment, she held fast to her views and theories; earning the ire and the respect of many theologians. Her progressive views would be the focus of dissenting opinions for decades, securing her a page in the text books centuries later. In the end, she was banished for crimes likened to heresy, but not before leaving her mark on the world.

Her father would lead by example; dissenting openly on the corruption in his church and being jailed for it numerous times. Francis Marbury also home schooled his daughter, who had a natural affinity for academics.

In her father's library, Anne found ample resources for her interests in theology. She would form her own unique opinions on different subjects over the years, however, being unfitting of her sex, she would confine these ideas to a small circle of confidantes.

Anne kept her silence until the age of 43 when she sailed to New England with her husband, 15 children, and John Cotton a puritan radical. Under the premise that she was entering a community where religion would be freely shared and discussed, Anne began to open up on the voyage. Several of the colonists warned the local clergy when the ship docked, yet, upon investigation, they could find no fault with her.

Anne soon realized that the city on a hill would be as accepting of individuals as the country she left behind. The oppressed had become the oppressors. The citizens of the colony were subjected to strict laws. Winthrop and Hutchinson argue throughout the remainder of the next few pages about how women should stick to supporting men, and nothing else, because there are already higher authorities men who set up meetings, and she is dishonoring these men by setting up her own meetings in her own private home.

Winthrop begins succeeding at replacing her truthfulness with false claims, and turns everything against her. He orders her to admit to doing wrong, even though she believes otherwise.

Hutchinson stands up for women across her colony by sticking to her beliefs. Hutchinson is like any other very strong feminist; she stays strong to her word and stands p for her beliefs. When all but three people raised their hands, they decided to banish her from the colony, and imprison her until she is able to be sent away. The message being conveyed by the trial was that men were superior and women did not have a say. Men and the authorities of the church and state could change everything around on the women, and force them not to speak, and force them to change their story, just so they could get their way.

Winthrop seems to realize that he holds a lot of power in both texts, and states a lot of the laws and orders of the community. Freedom is taken for granted so often, and the texts allow readers to understand that Americans need to understand their freedoms and respect that there is no greater chain of being unless you want there to be, meaning you place your God above yourself. Other documents closely relate the trial of Anne Hutchinson in that they discuss the life of Puritans, or the life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the religion based society that they embraced.

The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton has sparked much interest for this time period. The document is almost vital in understanding the roles that men and women played in the Puritan society. Many historians believe that Hutchinson was one of the very first feminists because of her strong acts towards her Antinomian beliefs.

Hutchinson changed this idea, however, even though the court did banish her, feeling as if they still held the reign and the strong power, remaining close to the top of the great chain of being. I believe Hutchinson changed the course of history in that she was able to set the standard for future treatment of women, even though women were still not treated equally to men, even in , when they were finally granted the right to vote. She set the way for Antinomian religion and freedom of religion, in general.

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Summary of 5A: Anne Hutchinson stood trial alone, with no lawyer to defend her. She faced a panel of powerful and well-educated men. She was accused of trying to overthrow the government and she faced banishment if convicted. Hutchinson believed that people could communicate directly with God /5(3).

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Anne Hutchinson essaysWas Anne Hutchinson such a threat to the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Anne Hutchinson was a middle aged house wife who in was forced to leave her town and her life behind her, as she was excommunicated and banished from the .

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Free anne hutchinson papers, essays, and research papers. Anne Hutchinson, born Anne Marbury in Alford, Lincolnshire, England July, was born into a family of a very intelligent man, who she grew to admire and look after. Anne was home-schooled, and became very intrigued by religion and theology at a young age.

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Anne Hutchinson’s battles against mainstream Puritans created not only a historical religious martyr, but a role model that influenced women for generations.5/5(1). Anne Hutchinson is a woman worth knowing about. She grew up in England, a learned puritan's daughter, and migrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in In her society, women were believed capable of little besides bearing and raising children.5/5(1).